Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Burger Republic-Lenox Village

January 5, 2014

Since my boyfriend (now fiance) introduced me to Burger Republic last year, it has been a staple in our burger rotation.  With their ample selection of burgers and chicken sandwiches, as well as the chance to indulge in an 'adult' milkshake, we always leave fatter and happier than we arrived.  My fiancé always comments on the decor which tries to have some sort of military theme, but I think its kind of cute...well as cute as grenades can be...anywho...onto the food.

We arrived at Burger Republic for a late lunch (around 4pm), and had less than a 10 minute wait.    We started as we always do with the Tater Tot Fondue! The tater tots are always PERFECTLY crispy and salty, and the cheese is scrumpdiliumpcious. (My fiance said his mouth is watering as I write)

Tater Tot Fondue
I (as you will learn) am a complete sucker for anything with the word buffalo in the description and always have ordered the Angry Bird.  I literally have been here 5 times and have never ordered anything else-it is just that good.  It is fried chicken, tossed in buffalo sauce, on homemade ciabatta, withe blue cheese, and jalepeno pickles.  AMAZING.  I also usually get their french fries, which are good, but not quite as good as the sandwich!

Angry Bird with french fries
My fiancé tends to go for the Fenway, even though he hates all things Boston and Red Sox.  He has done a better job of exploring the menu, but tends to come back to this trusty favorite.  The burger is mixed with italian sausage and is topped with peppers, grilled onions and provolone.  He also goes for the house made chips!  (I am kind of a frenchfryaholic, so I have never ordered them).
The Fenway with homemade chips 

The link to the restaurant is above, and a new location is opening in the Gulch, which means it will be closer, and easy to access.  Bad news for our pants, good news for our stomachs!

Burger Republic on Urbanspoon

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