Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cantina Laredo for Brunch-The Gulch

January 26, 2014

Okay, so I realize if anyone reads these posts, they are going to think all I do is eat.  That is probably not too far from the truth-I'm a little embarrassed as I see I have added 3 posts this week...

Onto Cantina Laredo-

My fiance and I wanted to try something new for brunch post church this week.  Instead of our trusty and delicious Germantown Cafe that had no reservations, we went for a Mexican flare, and decided to try Cantina Laredo.

They don't open for brunch until 11:00, which is probably early enough for a lot of brunchers, but for that reason I probably won't go back anytime soon.  I am usually wanting brunch closer to 10:00 or so...

We ordered the queso which was quite tasty, but my Nate commented on how it didn't necessarily have anything that made it stand out.  It was pretty good cheese, onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos, but its not like I will be pining away for this particular queso like I do for say Local Tacos, or Baja Burritos.  The salsa were also a little unique.  One was kind of a black bean ish flavor, and one almost had a smokey bbq flavor or something-not very traditional.

Queso, Chips, and Salsa
 I had the chorizo with eggs, which comes with a side of cheesy potatoes, a DELICIOUS roll, and a cinnamon fried bread with fruit.  I thought the chorizo egg scramble was quite good! I think I would have preferred if the nixed the potatoes and gave a side of tortillas because it would have been even better stuffed into some tortillas.  The potatoes also look better than they tasted-just kind of bland.  The roll however, was so good.  I don't know what exactly they did to it, but it tasted like it was brushed with some honey butter or something. I also think the cinnamon fried thing was a little too fried and just kind of broke apart when I tried to eat it.  I expected it to be more like a sopapilla (I'm from New Mexico), so I probably didn't give it a fair chance.  The fruit was good-very fresh! The brunch items also come with a free bloody mary, mimosa, or non-alcoholic beverage which is a very nice touch.  Otherwise, bloody marys and mimosas are $2 all day-which is a great deal if you are into that sort of thing.

Chorizo Con Huevos
The meat in Nate's beef stew was very tender and fell apart, but he also commented how it was just a little bland.  I don't think he would go back and order it again.

Mexican Beef Stew
On our way home, Nate asked me what I would grade Cantina Loredo.  I think I would give a B, mostly because it was nothing that I would go back for.  In fact, given the choice between this and Germantown Cafe, I think we would both choose Germantown cafe any day of the week.  It's always good to try new things though!!

Happy Noming Nashville,


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